POSTPONED---Annual Banquet August 17th 2020---POSTPONED

BANQUET and Big Green Cash Raffle POSTPONED TO AUGUST 17th 2020

BANQUET and Big Green Cash Raffle POSTPONED TO AUGUST 17th 2020 BANQUET and Big Green Cash Raffle POSTPONED TO AUGUST 17th 2020 BANQUET and Big Green Cash Raffle POSTPONED TO AUGUST 17th 2020

Banquet Tickets Call Joe (920) 290-2108

Empowered Dream Hunts Inc. Annual Fundraising Banquet has been rescheduled.


It will now be on August 17th, 2020 at Pinewood Supper Club.

 Doors open at 4:30 p.m.  Dinner will be at 6 p.m.  Dinner tickets cost $40 for Children ages 11-17, $50 for past dream hunt recipients, Veterans, Law Enforcement, EMTs, Firefighters, or Correctional Workers, $60 for everyone else.  Please contact Joe or Laurie Ramsey at 715-693-3322 for questions, tickets, or if you would like to volunteer or donate towards the event. 

 Thank you for your understanding and support.  

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events.

2019 Dream Hunts

Check out this great video

Empowered Dream Hunts Inc

2019 Dream Hunts


Doug Mielke - Mosinee, WI - 20 pt -  192 inch
Barry Gruen - Marshfield, WI - 18 pt - 204.5 inch
Kevin Churkey-Madison, WI - 13 pt - 150 7/8 inch 

DNR - Learn To Hunt Program

Learn To Hunt Program

Learn To Hunt Program

Learn To Hunt Program



2019 Waupaca Youth & Veteran Learn to Deer Hunt

By: Conservation Warden Jonathan Kaiser

We are happy to report another safe

and successful Learn to Hunt [LTH]

for deer program in Waupaca. Again

this year, Warden Supervisor Dremel,

 Warden Kernosky, and Warden Kaiser partnered with a local landowner who generously donated access to their property to make this hunt happen. Warden Kaiser also worked with Niemuth’s Steak and Chop Shop in Waupaca who kindly agreed to provide butchering services for the successful hunters along with Action Arts Taxidermy near Waupaca who donated a deer shoulder mount for Veteran Tom Walker’s buck as a “Thank You” for Walker’s military service.


Both were a great, safe hunts as well as an experience that all of us will remember! We especially want thank the generous landowner, Niemuth’s Steak & Chop Shop of Waupaca, Action Arts Taxidermy of Waupaca, the Chain O’ Lakes Conservation Club, and the Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs for allowing us to continue the legacy of the Learn to Hunt program!

Tom Walker

Learn To Hunt Program

Learn To Hunt Program


We would like to introduce Tom Walker, a residence at the local King [Waupaca] Veteran’s Home. Tom enjoys the opportunity to deer hunt as well as target shoot, but he has not been able to much in recent years! After working cooperatively with the Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs [DVA] and the King Veteran’s Home Activity Coordinator Amy Formella, the hunt was planned for Tom to attend with Nurse Supervisor Brenda Wedemayer. 

On September 10, 2019, Tom was hunting with Brenda over a food plot and as shooting hours approached, the deer starting coming out of the woods. A short time later, Tom was successful in harvesting a buck deer after Brenda and he determined a safe shot was possible, steadied his aim, and took a shot with the deer being found a short distance away. We all were very excited to say the least and Tom was smiling from ear to ear! After harvesting the deer, Warden Supervisor Dremel and Warden Kernosky worked with Tom and Brenda to field dress the deer and take multiple pictures with the group. It was a great, safe hunt, and one that all of us will remember! 

In order to further celebrate the hunt with multiple other Veterans and DVA staff, Warden Supervisor Dremel, Warden Kernosky, and I had the honor of attending our first annual “Deer Camp” at the King Veteran’s home on November 25, 2019. In addition to stories shared and memories made, we were able to reunite with Tom and Brenda as well as meet many of the Veterans in attendance and talk with them about the Wisconsin DNR and their hunting memories! 

Ethan Herman

Learn To Hunt Program

Ethan Herman


  I would also like to introduce Ethan Herman of Mosinee. Ethan is a young man who has become an avid outdoorsman and is also very active in the Empowered Dream Hunts organization whose founder, Joe Ramsey of Mosinee, worked closely with the WDNR to make the Learn to Hunt happen for him! After working with Joe, along with Ethan and his family, Ethan was able to join us for the Learn to Hunt along with his father, Ryan. 

After a range safety time at the local Chain O’ Lakes Conservation Club, both father and son joined me on October 27, 2019 to hunt over a food plot from an elevated tower stand. After having had “close calls” during a previous hunt after Ethan had made the safe decision to not harvest a deer during their hunt as a safe shot did not provide itself, the deer started moving out into the food plot with plenty of time to spare! A short time later, Ethan was able to safely and ethically harvest a buck, and after a short track, the deer was located and Ethan took the opportunity to learn how to field dress the deer with Ryan’s guidance. We then had the opportunity to take several pictures while Ethan posed with his harvest. Both Ethan and Ryan were very grateful to have been able to hunt on the amazing property and they were very excited to have venison for their family!

Hunter #1 Doug Mielke - 9/20/2019

Hunter #1 Doug Mielke - 9/20/2019

Hunter #1 Doug Mielke - 9/20/2019



This hunt was the hunt of a lifetime! We arrived at the lodge early and you could feel the excitement building as everyone admired the mounts throughout. It was late afternoon when we gathered our things and headed to the stand. I greatly appreciate all the help from the group getting me into the stand and settled. After roughly 45 minutes a large buck wandered in from behind us and we were able to observe him for some time. He finally wandered into range at about 135 yards and I was able to line up a clear shot. I took the shot and he ran about 100 yards before dropping. The guide was able to take the ATV and retrieve the buck from the brush. After many pictures and loading the deer into the truck we returned to the lodge. The evening was spent socializing with family, friends and the staff. I would like to thank Empowered Hunt for this amazing opportunity.

Doug Mielke

Hunter #2 Barry Gruen - 9/27/2019

Hunter #1 Doug Mielke - 9/20/2019

Hunter #1 Doug Mielke - 9/20/2019



Will the van and gun be ready to go for Barry Gruen’s Dream Hunt?

Thanks to my good friend brother Joe Stolarecyk who nominated me through the Empowered Dream Hunts Inc. 

The pre hunt, the hunt, “Wow”! I was so excited I missed my 18 pointer the first time; he came back again, and paid the price. 

We needed the trackchair to pull my monster buck out. 

The after hunt, my new friends Dale and Dave Matis, the owners of Whitetails Of A Lifetime, and Joe Ramsey who coordinated the hunt from start to finish. A class act organization.

“My Dream Came True”

Barry Gruen

Hunter #3 Kevin Churkey - 10/20/2019

Hunter #3 Kevin Churkey - 10/20/2019

Hunter #3 Kevin Churkey - 10/20/2019



This hunt has been an adventure of a life time. It began with running out of gas on the way up to hunt on day one. Then spending the first two days getting snorted away by nosy does and winds changing on us right during prime time . This led us to a third day of hunting.  It didn't bother me one bit for I was with a great long time friend Eric Marone and now new friends Joe Ramsey, David Matis and his dad, jaw jacking about some of our greatest hunting and fishing stories to date. Some in which were so funny that had us gasping for air from laughing so hard. Then the moment came, the big buck we were after showed up and presented me with a perfect 35yd broadside shot.   

The fun didn't stop there, after we recovered my deer conversations continued back at the house. As family arrived, I took them for a ride down memory lane sharing the story of how I got the big buck. I can't thank empowered dream hunts and all people involved, for giving me such a lifetime experience that I'll never forget and new friendships that will last a lifetime. This organization made all of this possible for me and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue doing what I love.    


Dream Big (Veteran) Project

Hunter #3 Kevin Churkey - 10/20/2019

Hunter #3 Kevin Churkey - 10/20/2019



 Veterans Action Trackchair getting ready:"MAKING TRACKS"Allowing local veterans to Cope in the great outdoors...Luke Anderson and Scott Johnson team up with Joe Ramsey. Let us know if you know a veteran near central Wisconsin that could benefit from this.
If you want to have your logo on the trailer our deadline is October 18th, and it is a $200 or more donation.
Thank you! 


My name is Gabe Palmer. 

I was an E-4 in the US Army stationed in Fort Lewis
Washington from 1986 to 1988. I was a Sr. Gunner on the Vulcan, a 20mm Air Defense cannon. I now work at Marshfield Clinic as a Medical Lab Technician.
Sunday I got the opportunity to spend a couple hours with a couple veteran friends of mine as well as a couple boy scouts out at Council Grounds State Park. One of my veteran friends, Pat Meyers, has very limited mobility. However, thanks to a gentleman named Joe Ramsey, who was able to provide us with a tracked wheel chair through his service, Empowered Dream Hunts. Pat, along with his wife, Gloria, and the rest of us were able to take a few trails throughout the park and enjoy each others company. We all had a few stories to share with each other. It was really great to enjoy each others company while taking a trip
through the beautiful Council Grounds park!!!


I am Corey Dornbrack, 

I was an E-7 in the Wisconsin National Guard, where I had severed 30 years between the National Guard and the Army as a mechanic. I did three tours to Iraq, and have been medically retired from the military. 

On Sunday, I arranged with Joe Ramsey, to have him bring a tracked wheel chair, through Empowered Dream Hunts, to Merrill at Council Ground National Park. He did this, so that Pat Meyers could spend some time out in the woods, like he had in years past where he would walk his dogs. I have known Pat all my life, being as he lived two houses down from my grandmother, where I had spent much of my time, and then became active with him in AMVETS. I asked Joe for the use of the tracked wheelchair because Pat had lost his legs from the knee down due to diabetes. This past year Pat had spent a lot of time in the hospital due to medical issues. I felt that being able to get him out in the woods like he had in the past would help raise his spirt.

We met out the with a fellow veteran and two Boy Scouts. His wife and her daughter met us out there, without his knowledge of what was going to happen. We spent time with him being able to go through the woods, which he has not been able to do for years. We spent the afternoon telling stories and enjoying the wilderness and each other’s company. After he figured out the controls, he was off remembering the days he had spent with his dogs and also when he had been a tank driver and commander. You could see his spirits and energy level rise throughout the day. I am glad the I was able to help a fellow veteran and friend, to find a lost joy back to his life. 

Corey Dornbrack


"Dream Big (Veteran)Project" Team Action Trackchair

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.  -

Please make a "Note" on the donation form "Dream Big (Veteran)Project 2019"-

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2019 Empowered Dream Hunts Inc. Banquet HUGE Success

A Big Thank You To Everyone That Came Or Donated Or Volunteered 

And A Big Thank You To Kafka Granite For Sponsoring The Banquet Location

Watch our 2018 year in review

Check out this great video

Hunter #1 Neil Menke

Dream Big Project Recipent Scott Hansen

Hunter #1 Neil Menke

Neil Menke

Neil Menke, a hunter from Oshkosh, harvested a deer from Wilderness Whitetails Ranch. Neil’s mom, Craig Kleinschmit, and Mike Beaman were also able to partake in the event.  Thank you to the staff from Wilderness Whitetails Ranch for providing a great experience through excellent hospitality.

Hunter #2 Bob Manthe

Dream Big Project Recipent Scott Hansen

Hunter #1 Neil Menke


Bob, a hunter from Spencer, harvested his first buck at age 49.  Whitetails Of  A Lifetime in Marathon County hosted his hunt.  Following his event, Bob and his family and friends enjoyed food and fellowship.  Thank you to Adam Bartz, for cooking a great meal at the cozy lodge.  Thank you to Leo Heath, a leader of Same Difference from the Loyal area, for helping Bob prepare for his hunt.  Thank you Jeff Specht, Wild Things Taxidermy for helping with skinning Bob’s deer and preparing for Bob’s mount. This event was a dream come true for both hunter and his dad.

Dream Big Project Recipent Scott Hansen

Dream Big Project Recipent Scott Hansen

Dream Big Project Recipent Scott Hansen


Thank you to all that helped Empowered Dream Hunts Inc. make it possible to provide a Team Action Trackchair to Scott Hansen from the Southeastern area of Wisconsin.  Many friends, family and area businesses that know Scott provided funds for have a Team Action Trackchair purchased for him to use.   Scott is an active outdoors enthusiast and will get lots of use out of this piece of equipment.  Scott agreed that when the time comes that he is no longer able to use the Action Trackchair, it will be returned to Empowered Dream Hunts Inc. for others to use.

People that used our Trackchair

Steve Lang

Conrad Patrick Jr

Conrad Patrick Jr


Conrad Patrick Jr

Conrad Patrick Jr

Conrad Patrick Jr

This trackchair is amazing I went with my family on a pheasant hunt even though I didn't carry a gun

This Trackchair is amazing I was able to go with my family on a pheasant hunt in a marsh the snow was 4-8 inches and the grass was taller then the chair. I was able to go places that I have never gone.

Bill Bishop

Conrad Patrick Jr

Bill Bishop


William Bishop from Fremont would like to thank everyone from the Empowered Dream Hunt Inc. Organization for making my 2018 hunt a lot more possible. 

Bill Bishop


Thank you Empowered Dream Hunts for allowing me the use and to go places I have never gone before.


 What a fantastic organization. Thou I did not harvest a deer this year your track chair made my hunt much easier for me to get around our hunting property and enjoy another year of hunting with my family. It was wonderful knowing that there was 3 generations of Bishops out in the woods. Thank you to all who had made this possible. 

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Our Mission


Our Mission

  • Help the specially-abled outdoor enthusiast living in the Wisconsin communities to overcome nature’s challenges, break barriers and develop friendships to fulfill a dream.   As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Central Wisconsin, Empowered Dream Hunts helps those with challenges, disabilities, or illness have an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Family involvement through the entire hunt process is encouraged and recipient families are invited to come along and share in the experience with their loved one.  To apply for an Empowered Dream Hunts adventure, visit the Benefits & Eligibility page to see if you or your loved one meet the qualifications required to complete and submit the candidate nomination form.


Tracking for Success

  • We are thankful that we have been able to raise the funds needed to purchase both of our Action Trackchairs. Theses’ chairs allow our recipients to have the freedom of mobility to go hunting and go where wheelchairs can’t. There is no doubt that the use of the Action Trackchair has changed their lives for the better.  The Action Trackchair is not only for the injured or disabled person, but also for the entire family and people that are spending time in the outdoors with them whether its hunting, hiking, fishing, going to the beach, or so much more.  Because Empowered Dream Hunts Inc. has seen first hand what this chair has done for its recipients, they have embarked upon a quest to help make the Action Trackchair available for other non-profit organizations, schools through its Trackchair University.  If you are interested in helping in this quest or learning more about how the Action Trackchair can benefit your organization, please contact Joe Ramsey by completing the contact form on our Contact Us page.


American Family

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100% of your donations will go toward our Dream Hunters and Maintenace of the Trailer and Action Trackchairs to assist them. Nobody is paid to help Empowered Dream Hunts Inc.

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