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Remembering those that have gone before us.

In Special Memory of Mike Farchione


When Joe was the head wrestling coach in


 Winneconne, Wisconsin, from 2005-2006, Mike Farchione was one of his assistant coaches. Mike came from Kewauskum, Wisconsin, and was attending UW-Oshkosh for Adaptive PE while coaching with Joe. Mike was a big friend and mentor to the wrestling teams. He also spent extra time with Winneconne student Kyle Frailing. Mike was helping Kyle to build his physical strength with the hopes of Kyle wrestling one day. When Mike unexpectedly died due to a car-train accident, Joe ended up taking Kyle under his wing to help him through the grieving process. Joe learned about the work Mike had done with Kyle and decided to take him turkey and deer hunting. 

In Memory of James “Jim” Handrick: 1961 – 2014


 Jim was a lifelong outdoors man. Best hunt was watching friend’s son shoot first deer. This is on a plaque inside of the trailer. The Handrick family donated a large amount of funds towards the trailer and action trackchair.

Jim was an avid hunter all of his life. One of the last conversations I had with Jim was about the year he agreed to let his friend, Luke Ziebell’s, son have his first hunt on Jim’s land. Luke and his son were in one stand and Jim was in another one where he could watch the hunt. A deer came into the clearing and Jim kept saying to himself, “Take the shot!” For some reason Luke’s son didn’t shoot straight away. Jim kept getting more and more worked up that if he didn’t take the shot soon, the deer would be gone. At one point, Jim was going to call Luke to see why his son was waiting. He didn’t want to scare off the deer with the sound of the phone ringing, so he waited. The shot was taken and the deer went down. Jim told me that this was the biggest “kick” than he ever got hunting. Better than any deer he had shot.I’m not sure exactly when the idea came to Jim, but he had a dream. He was going to set up his house and land as a lodge for first time hunters and specially-abled outdoor enthusiasts. Sadly, Jim passed before he could make his dream become a reality. The work Empowered Dream Hunts Inc. does help us come as close as we can to Jim realizing his dream.On behalf of my family, many thanks.Jim kept disabled and first time hunters close to his heart. Thank you to Jim’s family who chose to keep his memory alive through donating funds towards an Action Track Wheelchair and a Hunting Trailer. Future recipients will have an awesome opportunity to be as involved as possible with this new equipment.